Activated carbon filter F7 | Q 350 / Q 600 | supply air

Luftfilter mit Aktivkohle F7 geeignet für Lüftungsanlage Wernig Q 350 / Q 600

Activated carbon filter F7 | Q 350 / Q 600 | supply air

  • Device: Wernig Q 350 / Q 600
  • Filter class: F7 | ISO ePM2.5 60%
  • Dimension: 500x160x23 mm
  • Frame: Synthetic
  • Content: 1x filter for supply air
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Activated carbon supply air filter F7 for Wernig Q 350 / Q 600 ventilation unit for collecting fine dust, odors and smoke.

The activated carbon supply air filter F7 for the ventilation unit Wernig Q 350 / Q 600 is designed for environments with poor air quality. Additionally, it can capture up to 60% of fine dust. Do you want to effectively filter smoke and odors from the ambient air? Does your heat recovery unit draw smoke from your neighbor's chimney, forcing you to shut it down regularly? Test this activated carbon supply air filter, which can capture smoke, odor, and solvent particles as well as pollutants from exhaust gases. The activated carbon contained in the MiniPleat filter medium binds these unwanted particles and thus ensures a significantly better supply air quality in smog-affected areas or during the heating season.

Due to the narrow filter frame and the thickness of the activated carbon filter media, it is not possible to create the same pleating as with standard filter media. Therefore, this activated carbon filter creates greater air resistance and can increase power consumption or noise intensity, or reduce the maximum performance of the device. Therefore, we recommend using this filter only in times when the device would otherwise have to be shut down due to the intake of polluted air, or operating the device with lower ventilation performance, where the increase in consumption and noise is not as significant. Nevertheless, the use of an activated carbon filter is the only effective solution to eliminate or significantly reduce odors or chimney odors from the intake air.

What are the advantages of this activated carbon filter?
• Even filters out fine dust, bacteria, pollen, soot, and tobacco smoke.
• Effectively captures smoke, odor particles, or pollutants from exhaust fumes.
• The ideal solution for areas with poor air quality (smog, industrial areas).
• It contains a significantly higher amount of activated carbon than carbon filter cuttings - its absorption capacity is therefore much higher.
• Thanks to the MiniPleat filter medium with a large filter area, the impact on the performance and energy consumption of the ventilation system is comparable to other filters in the SafeAir series.

The main features of the Safeluft filter:
• Solid frame, moisture-resistant and mold-resistant.
• Filter medium MiniPleat with fine folding made in Germany.
• Filter area several times larger compared to pleated filters (Z-Line).
• Low pressure drop and longer lifespan.

This filter is intended for single use and cannot be rinsed with water or chemically cleaned. A replacement interval of 2-3 times per year is recommended (depending on the quality of the supply air).

Device: Wernig Q 350 / Q 600

Filter class: F7 | ISO ePM2.5 60%

Dimension: 500x160x23 mm

Frame: Synthetic

Product line: SafeLuft Aktiv


Content: 1x filter for supply air

Article number Wernig: 104140040

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