Filter F9 | LG 500 | supply air

Pollenfilter F9 für Pichler LG 500

Filter F9 | LG 500 | supply air

  • Device: Pichler LG 500
  • Filter class: F9 | ISO ePM1 80%
  • Dimension: 500x200x350 mm (3 pockets)
  • Frame: ABS plastic / metal
  • Content: 1x filter for supply air
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Supply air filter for ventilation device Pichler LG 500 - separates up to 80% of fine dust.

Air quality is very important for our well-being, especially in an era where environmental pollution and allergies are becoming increasingly prevalent. It is crucial to ensure that the air we breathe in our own homes is of the best possible quality. At RUKATECH, we understand this necessity.

For all owners of a Pichler LG 500 ventilation unit, we proudly present the SafeAir Premium supply air filter. As a representative of filter class F9, it is capable of removing an impressive 80% of fine dust from the air. Imagine the purity of the air flowing through this filter - free from most allergens, bacteria, pollen, and even soot or tobacco smoke.

The construction of this premium supply air filter has been carefully designed and made with a combination of robust ABS plastic and metal to guarantee durability and resistance to moisture and mold. The three-pocket design not only provides a larger filter surface area but also ensures low pressure loss, thereby not compromising the efficiency of the Pichler LG 500 ventilation unit in any way.

For people suffering from allergies, asthma, or simply for families who want the best air quality for their loved ones, this filter is the ultimate choice. It ensures that you can breathe pure, healthy air in every corner of your home.

As with all our filter products, we recommend replacing this filter regularly. Although designed for single use, it offers remarkable durability and can be replaced 2-3 times a year depending on the quality of the supply air. Treat yourself and your loved ones to the purity of air that only the SafeAir Premium supply air filter can provide. Take a deep breath and enjoy the difference.

What are the advantages of this very fine filter?
• The highest available filter class for heat recovery units in private households.
• Even filters out fine dust, bacteria, pollen, soot, and tobacco smoke.
• Suitable for users who require high indoor air quality (allergy sufferers, asthmatics, families with children...).

The main features of the Safeluft filter:
• Solid frame, moisture-resistant and mold-resistant.
• Low pressure drop and longer lifespan.

This filter is intended for single use and cannot be rinsed with water or chemically cleaned. A replacement interval of 2-3 times per year is recommended (depending on the quality of the supply air).

Device: Pichler LG 500

Filter class: F9 | ISO ePM1 80%

Dimension: 500x200x350 mm (3 pockets)

Frame: ABS plastic / metal

Product line: SafeLuft Premium


Content: 1x filter for supply air

Article number Pichler: 40LG050110

Filter color: may differ from the article image

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